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Why Kids Love Music

In children?s parties, a game of ?pin the tail on the donkey" will not be as fun without the music. Despite the cake and ice cream, a children?s party will not be a party unless there?s something playing in the background. These days, kids love music. As compared to children before, today, kids love music just as much as they love their own toys. Why? Most kids nowadays are very hyper. They always want to jump and shout. Some of them even love singing so much. With the advent of the television and music channels and movies, kids have developed a certain liking to music. When they watch movies like Disney films, it is most likely that enjoy the music incorporated. The effect of the media is probably one of the main reasons why kids love music.

Another reason why children tend to love music is their exposure to songs at early age. The trend these days is that babies get to listen to music everyday. It is the first thing that most parents do. It is also one of those few things that people can elicit any reaction from toddlers. Just like music bridges the gap between nations with different languages, it is also the first thing that can bring a parent or a guardian closer to a baby or a kid.

Health care experts have also noted the benefits of letting a child listen to music. Some parents even play music while they are yet to give birth to the child. The exposure of a kid to music at a young age can develop and trigger his interest in music. The people around and how the media around use music also influences the child?s interest over it. Basically, it is the child?s environment which shapes their love and fondness over music.