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Nike Victory Red Forged Lob Wedge Review

The Nike Victory Red (VR) Forged Lob Wedges are undoubtedly designed with the improved golf player in mind. Tiger Woods provided direct input towards the creation of these wedges. These are part of the particular range which guided Tiger to many of his amazing victories such as the US Open in 2008. They also have a wonderful classic appearance at the same time making use of the modern Nike "High Rev" grooves individually milled directly into the club face to the maximum permitted tolerance of width as well as depth of groove. The VR Lob wedges will provide you with masses of spin as well as control with a range of club design for loft and bounce to complement you as the golfer. The club is constructed from high-grade 1025 carbon steel with the swing weight at D5 which in turn is less heavy compared to the Nike SV Tour Lob Wedge. It nevertheless possesses the exact same characteristics to offer reliable shot delivery round the greens.

The VR wedge incorporates the S400 shaft as standard which in turn matches the SV Tour in this way. The heel grind enables the club face to become opened up a lot more easily and execute many different shots out of or over hazards. Presently there are 2 High Sand wedge choices at 58A� loft and 6A� or 10A� bounce however this nevertheless crosses over into the lob wedge range. We'd undoubtedly view the 6A� build as a possible alternative to playing out from a wet bunker where an excessive amount of bounce will be your enemy. The Lob wedge options are actually at 60A� loft with the exact same option of 6A� or 10A� bounce.

Nike, have genuinely reached the mark here and so they remain one of the main suppliers with numerous tour pros preferring these golf clubs. The Lob Wedge set up particularly on the 6A� bounce may assist you in getting the golf ball up rapidly from the tightest of lies. Strongly recommended to the more established player who have complete faith in their own swing.