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Escort Agency And Service Qualifications

An escort service provides companionship to clients. An escort service agency operates a booked meeting that temporarily provides the client with companionship. The service is paid depending on the duration of companionship. Normally, the service rendered would be set for an overnight companionship, but upon the agency and client?s accord, the companionship of an escort service would take a month or long.

In business setting, the client who usually belongs in executive corporations, upscale or the ?rich men? world, keeps books (portfolio) of escort service agencies and their models (companion/ employees of escort services). When the client reserved for an appointment to meet the model he prefer, the model must be on time and dressed perfectly for the occasion. As a rule, escort services? prioritizes the anonymity of the client and his satisfaction.

In the highly competitive world of paid escort service companionship, models must be punctual. But being a qualified escort service model is not limited to punctuality but rather on pleasing personality. Escort service agencies carefully screen their models and applicants with criteria basing on appearance, hygiene, warmth, and intellect.

If your are planning to be, or to be qualified as a full time or part-time escort you should have or any of the following characteristics: stunningly beautiful with the right curvaceous body, an engaging smile with pearly white set of teeth, conversationalist, knowledgeable with current events, courteous, practices proper manners and fine dining etiquette, and strictly be of legal age.

If accepted as a model for an escort service agency, the compensation is cut above the rest. Overnight, a model could rake almost $300. Aside from the fee, which will be divided with your agent, you can go places. The service of an escort entails being a companion to go to corporate events, social affairs, entertainment nights and holiday getaways. It is perfectly a prestige and leisure job.

Escort servicing is a legal business unlike prostitution, in which most traditional and conservatives think of as the same. Some people describe escort services as a high-class prostitution. It is true that it is high-class, but it is not prostitution. Prostitution promotes sex, escorting services companionship, reliability, discretion and client satisfaction.

Escort service agencies are in every country -- United States, Europe, Canada, Russia, South America, Philippines, etc. You can never pinpoint who is the best of all, but in a wider scope, Canada is one of the countries that is renowned in the escort service industry.

Escort service agency listing is available in any directory. You may scout the yellowpages, newpapers and on the Internet.