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Christian Dior Sunglasses - How You Should Pick The Right One

Christian Dior sunglasses a favorite hot item amongst the tinsel town celebrities and young fashionistas alike. The brand came around the mid forties by Christian Dior and was first known for the popular range of fragrances he doled out to the markets across the European nation. Popular as one of the best manufacturers of beauty, personal care and accessories in the market, Christian Dior has made a place in almost every wardrobe around the world. No wonder the brand is known as one of the leading fashion houses in the industry of beauty and fashion the world over.

There were two kinds of sunglasses that Christian Dior previously came out with, namely the Prior Galliano, which was kept away when the older versions went under a makeover by Galliano and a new logo of the brand was put on the modern frames that came along. The shape, style and elan was redefined for the brand of sunglasses once again and have ever since been a hit amongst the "whose who" of the rich and the famous entourage. Amongst all age groups, the Christian Dior sunglasses have been a hit and these days, one would find almost everyone wanting a frame for themselves.

When the old sets of Christian Dior sunglasses were abandoned, we found the entry of the super cool Dior Gaucho 1/s in the market of sunglasses. This eye wear had designs that emulated the style of aviators with a larger personality than those of its cousins in the frame world. The colors used for these babies were quite different in comparison to the earlier ones, making it a perfect catch for those who wanted a pair of sunglasses to match their own style and personalities. Check the horn of these sunglasses and you would find that they are shining outstanding examples of classic styles and elegance. Fashion experts say that more than the color of the sunglasses, it is the silver cutout DIOR alphabets which sit pretty at the temples of the sunglasses, beginning a trend and style with a new range of Christian Dior Gaucho S series ahead.

Another design which hit the market from the house of Dior would be the famous AIRSPEED 1/S. Nothing like the Gaucho S, since this baby had her own style to show off with, the D hinges at the sunglasses temples was a trademark and style statement for everyone who wore them around. The material used for this pair of sunglass was of plastic selections which are light in weight and had a pair of glamorous beautiful lenses which were manufactured using the state of the art technology as well, giving birth to the range of the AIRSPEED S series for one and all to dress their eyes with.

Next we should inform you of the Dior Diorly S series of Christian Dior sunglasses, the favorite amongst many being the 2/S. the best part about this sunglass was that it came without rims, but they had hinges just as the Airspeed version, the D's to be precise and the temples of the sunglasses have the Gaucho cuts as well. Most Hollywood honchos sported the Dior Glossy range which comes with frames that are large and ready to sit pretty on almost every face possible, irrespective of the shape and size. This range has the Dior signature just as what the famous Dior Diorly range would have, however the glamour feel and factor with the Dior Glossy till date is UNMATCHED.

There are more Christian Dior sunglasses' range we would like to speak about, but let us inform you that the Gaucho 1/S is quite different in size than that of the 2/S, sources say that the 2/S is smaller than the 1/S when it comes to frame sizes.

In conclusion, when we have to talk about our favorite Christian Dior sunglasses out in the market and creating stirs where spotted we would like to name a few;

1. The "Dior Gaucho 1/S" with its oversized personality and comes in various colors for you to choose from. Don't miss the silver DIOR cutouts which you would find at the temples, and if you like it small, then opt for the "Dior Gaucho 2/S" model.

2. Next on the LIKE list is the famous "Dior Airspeed 1/S". The metal hinges are in silver with D's adorning the temple of the sunglasses, making it look ultra cool and chic. Crafted with care using plastic of high gradients, the look is spellbinding.

3. We should also give you the "Dior Diorly 2/S" a pair without rims and speaks of those ultra glamorous moments. Don't miss out the sexy D's which are hot cutouts located at the sunglasses temples.

4. Finally the sexy "Dior Glossy 1/S" is a work of art, need we say more. Instant glamour and a chic quotient to add on, almost every face would look a billion dollars with one of these babies adorned.