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I did not say that they are trying to show their existence. I mentioned that gay individuals mustn't must show their PROPER TO EXIST. You must study to read better. Continuously informed that they are sick, perverted, equal to drunkards thieves and liars, denied housing, medical therapy and even employment, all due to their genetically predisposed sexual orientation, gays have had sufficient of even the refined, "well-intentioned" homosexual-bashing.

By the best way, that genius Obama, so admired, so liked referred to as the Faulklands, the place younger Brits died, the Malvinas. Or when the oh so respectful and knowledgeable Obama continued his awkward toast as "God Save the Queen" was played in her honor. But then once more it wasn't about him so it wasn't important you say Romney is an ass. Brits must be blind. Hero of the liberals, you'll be able to maintain him.

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