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Are Watch Cases Really Necessary?

Almost everyone I know owns a nice watch, but how many of us go the extra mile and store our timepieces in a case? If you don't own a watch case or me tell you why you should:

Name brand timepieces like Michael Kors and Omega don't come cheap. These collections could run you into the thousands and that is quite an investment. Knowing how expensive these items are and how delicately they are designed should be reason enough to buy a case, but let me explain further;

• Watch cases are designed to protect you timepieces from all sorts of damaging elements. Water for one and even moisture in the air can be the end of your watch's movement. Many models are water resistant, but that doesn't mean that you should unnecessarily expose them to it. Another deadly element is dust. You might find it hard to believe, but tiny dust particles can work their way inside the movement of your timepiece and cause it to become inaccurate of stop altogether.

• A case will also protect the crystal of your timepiece. Cases are often times fitted with cushioned pillow like interiors, which keep the face safe from scratches.

• Many cases are made with see-through tops, which work to display your watch or collection, and some are designed for travel with locks.

A watch case or cabinet is a great follow up investment, which will ensure that your timepieces remain clean, dry, and free from scratches. In short, they will keep your timepieces ticking longer.